H2 Hybrid On Sale


2021 Model Above-Counter Hybrid Ionizer

NEW - Alkaline H2 Hybrid Ionizer
75-Day Trial
World's 1st Alkaline Hydrogen Hybrid Water Ionizer
Lifetime Warranty
3 Years warranty on Entire Ionizer & 15 Years on ionization chamber
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
First Ever Alkaline Hydrogen Hybrid Water Ionizer!
LCD Display and Touch Screen
Alkaline Hydrogen Hybrid Water Ionizer with Unrivaled Technology!
Convenient Use with ONE TOUCH Technology
JOG DIAL for Hydrogen water
Fixed Quantity Selection Function!
Powerful Dual Filtration System!
membrane multi-layer filtration
Front-Load Filter Replacements
H2 Hybrid Specifications

Change your water! Change your life!

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