SMPS Power Supply Device (Patent no. 10-0714055)
SMPS Power Supply Device
By applying the Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS)method, the AC Line frequency.(50Hz~60Hz) is converted into DC, changing it into a high frequency for use.
  • 01Changes in the output voltage in correlation to changes in the input power
    Because the input exchange voltage is changed into a high dc voltage and controlled at a high-frequency,no changes occur in the output voltage.
  • 01Stable power supply
    The supply of electrical power remains consistent even during continual use, thus maintaining optimal performance.
  • 01Electrical safety
    in the event that the product malfunctions due to leakage or short-circuiting that could potentially lead to the flow of over-current or over-voltage, the SMPS to prevent the flow currents or voltage above a certain determined level automatically blocks the supply of electricity from reaching the internals of the product..
Electrolysis tank
Electrolysis tank
Electrolyzer is most important part in water ionizer. The difference of the surface treatment determines the electrolysis efficiency.
  • 01A platinum coated titanium mesh covers
    Round-edge type for considering the characteristics of the electricity
    Prevention of gas layer adhesion due to high-efficiency electrolysis performance to the entire electrode plate
    Broad surface area
    Coated products have inconsistent surfaces, making its actual surface area broader than that of electroplated products.
    High-efficiency electrolysis
    The use of low voltage enables high-efficiency electrolysis performance.
  • 01Dualization of water inlet in electrolyzer
    Prevention of internal pressure in electrolyzer and improvement of electrolysis effectiveness.Stable water outflow for alkaline water and acid water.
  • 01Thread Mounted Types
    Improvement of the precision between electrode and membrane structure.
Pretreatment filtration function for filtering various precipitates contained in raw water.
Carbon Block
Activated carbon was made into a block form has a larger surface area than particle-type activated carbon. It has a very high adsorption rate. It works to filter residual chlorine, organic compounds and heavy metals by activated adsorption method
Calcium sulfite
Removes residual chlorine completely by oxidation-reduction reaction
TM Ceramics
The ceramics were made by mixing the high-emissivity far-infrared minerals containing potassium (k), sodium (Na) and calcium (Ca) with TM and TM-X stock solutions. These multifunctional ceramics have antioxidant, antimicrobial and far infrared radiation.
Many fine pores on the filter surface remove contaminants from the water. It removes bad elements such as bacteria viruses and particulates, but does not remove substances that are beneficial to our body, such as minerals.
Super Simple Filter Replacement System
Open and close type door & simple filter replacement system (Patent no. 10-0831027)
A simple filter replacement system along with on-touch Filter Usage Initialization Setting System makes filter management easy for any one.
Super Simple Filter Replacement System

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