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Science Behind Hydrogen Water

Science Behind Hydrogen Water

The very first scientific mention of hydrogen water appears to be from the journal, Nature Medicine that may be accessed here if you have a subscription to the journal. The claim is that molecular hydrogen can serve as a mild reducing agent and consequently contains antioxidant properties; specifically, it can reduce hydroxyl radicals:




The article has generated a considerable amount of research, with well over 300 journal articles citing this work originally published in 2007. There seems to be some merit to the claim although in my brief scan of the abstracts, there does not appear to be a large body of evidence suggesting that commercial products are beneficial. One such article, which is publicly accessible is here. As mentioned in another answer, the commercial product approach to generating hydrogen water appears to be the oxidation of magnesium in water, which generates Mg2+ ions. As with any other nutritional supplement, I would be very wary of entering this type of treatment without consulting a professional. Magnesium is an important nutrient, however at high doses it does show signs of toxicity.

Why Active Oxygen is harmful?

Active oxygen refers to oxygen with a strong oxidizing action (oxidation). An example of oxidation will be rusting of iron. The oxygen interacts with iron and creates a slow burning process, which results in the brittle brown substance we call rust. When oxidation happens in our body, it is bad for health because it causes several types of damages to biomolecules and cellular structures that can result in the development of a variety of disease and it is also the cause of aging. In the case of an apple, the skin of the apple provides a barrier against oxidation and this is why the apple looks fresh when at the supermarket. But, once the skin is damaged, the individual cells come in direct contact with air and the oxygen molecules start burning them. The result is that the exposed apple starts to turn brown in color like rust on metal. Therefore to preserve our health, it is necessary to suppress the active oxygen and reduce the oxidizing actions that are can damage our genes and cells in our body. This can be achieved through hydrogen water.


How much hydrogen water should you drink a day?

The recommended Water consumption is between one and 3 liters. We advise that you drink hydrogen water, although anything more than one glass each day will probably be favorable for regulating your oxidation level.

But, Is it safe?

While scientists continue their research into the hype surrounding hydrogen-rich water, doctors and specialists nationwide continue to back this product. Hydrogen-infused Water has been obtain an influx of and is GRAS accredited by the FDA testimonials from patients that will attest to the natural advantages of consumption.

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