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The medical professional is embracing alkaline, anti-oxidant, ionized water  also.  Recommending it to the famous and powerful – such as the Queen of England, The Pope, US Presidents and other dignitaries

Most of these non pro-athletes celebs careers are based on their talent, beauty and ability to perform their skills.  Which often times makes them amateur athletes in order to maintain that physical level of strength and health.

They have to exercise in order to look good and be physically strong and healthy in order to perform on stage or on the set.

India captain Virat Kohli is known to never miss on his fitness routines no matter if he is on travel or cricket field.

Widely recognized as one of the fittest cricketers, Kohli has set an example for other cricketers too. His fitness level has won praise of many cricketers but there is also a secret ingredient which plays a vital role to Kohli’s success – ALKALINE WATER

The water bottler is imported from France and costs about Rs. 600 per liter

Acidic water will taste crisp and clean, but tooth enamel degrades at pH 5.5, so the mouth feel will be rough. High pH waters will taste “flat,” and balanced waters will taste “smooth,” because the pH is close to the same level as your mouth.

ALKALINE WATER is part of his life, which helps him keep up his fitness, No wonder he understands the important role played by water in human body.

Alkaline water has many more health benefits apart helping in maintaining the PH level and controlling Acidity issues, It helps in maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle, Considering the current quality of food and water, Alkaline-Hydrogen water is a must for everyone.

Importance of Water & Different Kinds of Water

Roles of Water in Human Bod

After drinking water

Hydrogen Water & Reactive oxygen Spices

Strong in interacting with other substances than common oxygen.

Strong in oxidizing with other substances, being in an atomic condition or  being as an oxygen molecule in semi-stable condition

A substance that is changed by the attack of the part of oxygen integrated through respirations, which is taking an important role as an immune system that originally beats off bacteria and virus penetrated into the human body so as to keep the human body healthy.

In the modern society, such factors that cause reactive oxygen species occur as food additives, air pollution, cigarettes, stresses, alcohols,

drugs, anticancer drugs and so forth.

It also influences cancer treatments, which consequently obstructs treatments.

The academic societies say that 90% of current diseases are caused by reactive oxygen species.

While it is safe as long as it is adequately remained in the human body, it may become a fatal poison if it exists more than needs, which makes it 2 faced

Hydrogen Water 2L VS Color Foods


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