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Fuel Your Summer Fitness Goals with Tyent rich Hydrogen Water!

What’s the best way to stay fit in the summertime? To hit your summer fitness goals – some activities are more suitable for hot, sunny days in the summertime than in other activities.

Summer fitness goals? Get into the great outdoors!

To name a few suitable activities that you can take part in to meet your summer fitness goals are:

1. Workout in the Morning

Scheduling time to work out in the summer can be tricky. However, the longer you leave it at the day, the less likely it is to occur. So set your alarm a bit earlier and get your workout. It make those endorphins flowing, will increase your metabolism for the rest of the afternoon and set the tone for an awesome day beforehand. Do not make excuses. Simply get up and get it done. If you keep doing so day-after-day, finally it will turn into!

2. Hiking

Stick to hiking trails that include areas of shade and make sure that you wear a wide-brimmed hat with cool, loose-fitting clothes to keep you cool along the way.

Be sure that you take snacks with you on the trails that will give you sustained energy (such as cashews or trail mix) – and don’t forget the sunscreen and plenty of Tyent hydrogen water!

3. Cycling


Cycling is a versatile form of exercise that’s suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.

Mountain bikers that are adventurous may hurl themselves down the gnarliest tracks they can find, though some may enjoy a more relaxed pace and also make stops hydrate and rest.

4. Swimming

Swimming is a popular summertime workout to take part in what is far much better than regretting yourself in cold water while the temperature soars?

Some aquatic aerobics can swim distances, attempt, or just dab in the water together with all the kids!

5. Volleyball

Grab some friends or neighbors and organize a fun game of Volleyball in the beach or in your backyard!

Set up with loaf of chilled Tyent alkaline water With a couple slices of pineapple and lemon for everyone to help themselves stay hydrated! 

6. Golf

Golf is another popular summer sport that can be enjoyed by almost everyone! Playing golf provides you with an effective full-body workout which can be played at a slow tempo as required.

Just make sure you Slip, Slop, Slap (and Sip!) chilled Tyent alkaline water as you navigate the golf course!

Stay Hydrated – Stay Happy with a Tyent Water Ionizer Machine!

Whatever action you like during the summer months, staying hydrated is vital, so you’re going to want to ensure that you’re ingesting the best water possible.

Ditch plastic bottles — they’re bad news all round — and then install a Tyent water ionizer at Home so you can enjoy the health benefits of alkaline water also stay properly hydrated the activity.

The Advantages of Drinking Alkalized Water

People seem to be more hydrated, they have more energy and they are just feeling good!

That’s because we are getting them hydrated and also helping to put something alkalizing in their body.  When our body is alkaline, it feels and works best.

No disease can live in an alkaline environment, but thrives in an acidic environment.

Staying Hydrated Helps Us Keep Fit!

Whenever your thirst mechanism has been turned off for A long period of time, we often mistake thirst for hunger. We are not actually hungry, we’re thirsty and water is being asked for by our body.

The next time you are feeling hungry drink a fine full glass of Water (hydrogen and peppermint water from Tyent) and see if this subside

As you drink more water your thirst mechanism will return to its natural state. Not only will you begin to feel thirsty when you need water again, but your appetite will decrease.

Safe, Pure Water is Best

You have to drink water! Maintain a glass of alkaline and hydrogen water from Tyent close to you at all times and that will allow you to make sure to drink water.

However, drinking tap water is often just a nice mixture of chemicals.  Your water may contain chlorine, masking agents, fluoride and much more. All these chemicals are not something our body needs, wants or is even good for it!

Thus, be sure alkalize out and to filter your own water and you will notice a healthier YOU!

 The Tyent Water Ionizer Difference!

There is A Tyent water ionizer plumbed straight into your primary water supply, transforming ordinary tap water to cooling, clean, flavorful alkaline water that’s packed with energizing molecular hydrogen — perfect for giving you which added zip on hot, humid summer days!

Tyent alkaline water also hydrates your body more efficiently than regular tap water and helps shorten recovery time too.

Fuel Your Summer Fitness Goals with Tyent Hydrogen Water!

Why not give our team a call today at 855-893-6887 to find out how to install your own alkaline water machine at home to help fuel your summer fitness goals with Tyent hydrogen water?

This FREE Water Ionizer Cheat Sheet will come in handy as well – so check it out and get instant access.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, hydrating summer…and good luck with your summer fitness goals!

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