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Peace of Mind With Water

Some of us go days, weeks or more without drinking water, but get it in lesser amounts from other sources, such as coffee, sodas, or other drinks, and some foods, most notably fruits, vegetables, and clear soups. Since at least half of the composition of the human body is water, and every cell depends on it, that can’t be great for our physical health.

But what about our mental health?

You know how quickly not drinking enough water throughout the day can affect mood.


Dehydration occurs when more water is being lost by your body that is being put in. In urine and sweat, and throughout respiration, we’re always using and losing water. While we sleep soundly water moves out of our bodies with every breath we exhale.

While mild dehydration is a loss of 1.5 percent of a body’s normal water volume, a level of hydration only one percentage under optimum can influence mood, which makes it even more difficult to concentrate, and also produce a headache.

Our hearts and our brains consist of water than the rest of our entire body. If you should function at our best, physically and mentally it’s pretty crucial stuff.


While the human brain is made up of about 75 percent water, the first way that dehydration affects the brain and alters how we think and feel is by slowing circulation. This lowers blood flow, which means less oxygen traveling to all parts of the body, including the brain.

Why mild dehydration can so quickly affect mood is a subject still being studied. The most common theory is that it’s one of the human body’s many warning systems that something is not as it should be and should be dealt with.

As dehydration worsens, a cognitive role is further impaired, resulting in delirium. Acute dehydration can cause unconsciousness and even coma leading to death.

Eliminating Migraines & Headaches

This has already been the solution for several individuals. Before we proceed popping open a bottle of water is really a fantastic option to combat the pain from migraines and headaches. That is because dehydration can frequently cause both, so it does sound right. When you drink a few glasses of water, your body and brain become rehydrated, and the pain symptoms relieve themselves.


This is especially noteworthy because water can be a more powerful alternative than Advil, Tylenol, and several dangerous, over the counter painkillers who have made their way to Indian homes. Never resort to pills before trying a safer, natural alternative.


Improving Overall Mood

Did you know that you can actually get high off of water? Water makes your mind feel good. At the same time, it supplies your body with energy that it can use to stay active throughout the day.

The energetic benefits of water are a big reason for why athletes drink so much of it. With more energy, then you’re able to exercise longer. As a consequence, more of the”feel good” hormones (that come from exercise) are able to fire throughout your head to enhance your overall mood.

Keep in your mind your mood has a direct impact on just how productive you can be throughout the afternoon. People with elevated moods experience higher degrees of productivity in contrast to people with lower moods. It kind of ties to people suffering from major depression often experience a lack of motivation to do any such thing. The effect takes over and also your head loses the will. It’s horrible but it happens.

In addition to this, water consumption has been associated with a number of other advantages, such as improved capacity, improved memory, reduced stress, and improved sleep. Research even suggests it can help you drop weight, which I’ll cover in the future portion of this mini-series. Make sure you’re getting enough of it to reap the health benefits all that it offers. There are so taking advantage of what we’ve is the way to go.

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