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TYENT Distributors

Be a part of the Noble cause of Promoting Health.

TYENT Distributors

Be a part of the Noble cause of Promoting Health.

Tyent presents an opportunity that will not only let you do good for the society but will present you an opportunity to develop/grow and achieve financial growth.

Tyent presents an opportunity that will not only let you do good for the society but will present you an opportunity to develop/grow and achieve financial growth.

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Who we are?

  • Leading player of Water Ionizer in India and known for strong distributorship program.
  • We are based in Hyderabad, India and our team comes from all over India.
  • An emerging, evolving and enterprising group expanding into newer horizons with great passion.


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The Perfect Combination of 3 major industries…

Green Industry

Green is big business. Sales of environmentally friendly products in the U.S. exceeded $40 billion last year.

Water Industry

Global Bottled Water Market to Reach $65.9 Billion in 2012.

Health and Wellness Industry

Recently, this wellness business has grown to over $500 billion in  sales, and it is projected to continue growing and reach $1 trillion for the next five years.

You have already found the right industry.

Now pick the right company

With Tyent Success System, You Will…


Tyent Water betters your overall health


Adding more hydrogen to water increases energy improves recovery after a workout and , making regular water look like a downright underachiever.

Mind & Soul

Molecular hydrogen (H2) can protect cells and tissues from oxidative damage by selectively reducing reactive oxygen species (ROS). It also reduces oxidative stress and prevents cognitive impairment associated with dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

Boosts your Skin

Bathing in hydrogen water for 3 months significantly improved wrinkles in the skin in a human study. It also helps to reduce the human skin cell damage from Ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Beauty of Body

Hydrogen water can significantly reduce the fatty liver with type 2 diabetes and obesity as well as with a high–fat-diet-induced fatty liver.

Stress Relief

Because of the hydrogen present in the Tyent water which increases the adult neurogenesis, this may be used for improving depression and some mental disorders.

Strength Building

In an experiment with young athletes, drinking hydrogen water reduced lactic acid build-up during heavy exercise and decreased muscle fatigue.

You deserve the best. Here is your chance to take pride in being best.

Tyent Vs Kangen

Tyent is the only Ionizer which offers Hydrogen Boost. Hydrogen is in a rare format beneficial to health called ‘Active Hydrogen’  or ‘Molecular Hydrogen

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How is it viable for your customers?

The number of persons in a household: 5 family members (2 adults & 3 kids) Estimated water intake for each person: 8 glasses of water a day The price of Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizer is INR 1,80,000 per unit.

₹ / Year/Family

₹ / Month/Family

₹ / Day/Family

₹ / Day/Person

For Details

For Complete details of the distributorship program we have prepare a guide for you. Have a look

Expect great things in small, easy steps:-

Expect great things in small, easy steps:-

Step-1: Initial Call

You will get to know us better, and we will get to know about you.

Good Questions to Ask
  • How does Tyent compare in the competition?
  • How can I expect to earn?
  • What are the benefits of alkaline water?

Step-2: Hosted Call

Our hosted call will answer all of your questions and give you a true sense of Tyent’s complete program.

During the call

What to expect?
  • During our initial call, you can expect us to answer the questions.
  • We will set up the hosted call where we will cover the program in depth.

Step-3 : Become a                         Dealer

Become a dealer of Tyent and enjoy the work with us.

What to expect?
  • Tyent’s product quality difference
  • Tyent’s Key Distributor benefits
  • Tyent’s 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Tyent’s water quality standards for India

Our Certifications

Though people are the biggest proof of our quality and benefits, here are few of the certifications that enforces the trust of the world in us even more.

How Do I Clarify my Doubts?

Here are a few frequently asked questions which our distributors usually have. In case, your queries are not  answered here, please call us at  Mobile no: 8074748629  Contact Person:  Mr. Sarma ji

Do I have to buy and stock ionizers myself?

No, we are happy to drop ship the products for you.

Do you charge sales tax?
All Dealers must have a Seller’s Permit on file with us before your purchase is placed.  Otherwise, you will be charged tax.

How do I apply for Sales/Seller's permit?
You call the franchise tax board for your state. In India, you can apply over the phone.

What if I refer a dealer?
Dealers can refer dealers. Call us for current amount of the commission when you refer a dealer who buys in.
You will also receive a special gift (please call for details)

How does the return process works?

You will need to honor all of your customer returns yourself. Your customer returns the machine to you (within the allotted return policy time) and you refund their money.

What if my customer has a problem with there machine?
Your customer should contact you. You can then reach us by phone or email concerning the issue. We will walk you through a resolution, which you can then communicate to your customer. If the machine requires repair or replacement, we will give you a Return Authorization Number (RAN) so that your customer can ship the machine back to us.


See What Tyent Distributors are saying…

“Now, I not only make money but I also make the difference in people’s lives!!”

Aditya Mudumby

“A great benefit that I enjoy as a Tyent distributor is that I can make extra income while most importantly, help friends, family and others I meet in this business to reach a better level of health.”

Jagdesh Kumar

“Tyent Ionizers are modern, and Tyent makes the absolute best machines on the market today. They are really top of the line.”

Pranathi Reddy

“I have never seen anything like this. And if you are someone who has skills & feel confident selling. I highly recommend this program to you.”

Siddharth Goud

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