NMP 7 Plate

  • Electrode Plates: 7
  • Generates: 7 types of water
  • pH Level: 11.5 to 2.5*
  • ORP Level: -500 to -800*

* Depends upon Input water quality water and input water pressure.

NMP 7 Plate
Product name Water ionizer
Dimension(mm) 300(W) x 135(D) x 355(H)
Weight(kg) 5.2
Plates 7
Price ₹ 1,85,000
  • Features
  • Specifications
Model NMP 7 Plate
Exterior of Product Dimension 300(W) x 135(D) x 355(H) mm Weight 5.2kg
Use Environment Water temperature 4~35℃ Water pressure 1~5kgf/㎠
Water outflow Outflow method Electronic outflow structure Water outflow Below 2L / min
pH levels 3 Alkaline, 1 Neutral, 2 Acidic, Turbo
Controls and display Controls Touch screen Display CUSTOM LCD
Power Power supply SMPS Power consumption Max.220w
Electrolysis section Water Cell Plate Materials Platinum and Titanium Electrolytic Cell Quantity of Electrodes 7
Filters configuration Filter Structure 2-Filter system
Convenient function quantity discharge Backlight color
ECO mode Time mode
Automatic Cleaning Manual Cleaning
Filter usage indication Automatic Stop Function
Voice announcement Voice setting
Safety function Water temperature sensor Overheating protection
Supplying water sensor Error indication
Setting function Adjustable Alkaline pH Adjustable Acidic pH
Language setting Time setting
Volume control Filter reset
TYENT's Technological Prowess
Equipped with the most powerful turbo engine SMPS(10A)
* Increased Electrolytic efficiency & safety!
* EU CE Safety Management System CLASS2
* Strengthening of double insulation system electric safety standard
Generating of Alkaline water starts with a stable power supply
By applying the Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS)method, the AC Line frequency. (50Hz~60Hz) is converted into DC, changing it into a high frequency for use.
Changes in the output voltage in correlation to changes in the input power
Because the input exchange voltage is changed into a high dc voltage and controlled at a high- frequency, no changes occur in the output voltage.
Stable power supply
The supply of electrical power remains consistent even during continual use, thus maintaining optimal performance.
Electrical safety
In case of over current or over voltage, it automatically cuts off the supply of electricity to the inside of the product.
ROUND MESH Electrolyzer
Electrolyzer is most important part in water ionizer. The difference of the surface treatment determines the electrolysis efficiency.
ROUND MESH Electrolyzer
01. A platinum coated titanium mesh covers
Round-edge type for considering the characteristics of the electricity.
02. Dualization of water inlet in electrolyzer
Prevention of internal pressure in electrolyzer and improvement of electrolysis effectiveness. Stable water outflow for alkaline water and acid water.
03. Thread Mounted Types
Improvement of the precision between electrode and membrane structure.
Self-diagnosis safety functions
Automatic Stop Function
Automatic Stop Function
Water outflow will stop to prevent overflow or flooding. there is no need to wait if the unit automatically shuts off. You can resume its use immediately.
Temperature sensor
Temperature sensor
This unit is equipped with a temperature sensor which prevents the accidental inflow of hot water.
Sensing function of supplied raw water
Sensing function of supplied raw water
The outflow of functional water stops automatically when raw water is not supplied, preventing the electrolytic cell and power supply unit from being damaged due to current overflow, water from being wasted and accidental water leaks.
Detects if filter door is open
Detects if filter door is open
When door is open, the water supply will be suspended for your safety.

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