NMMP 9 Plates Water Ionizer


The BRAND NEW design With beautiful shape and good materials.

Compact size that fits perfectly into your kitchen.

SUS front panel & faucet
Colorful backlights
JOG dial for your convenience
Round-shape edges
Compact size with powerful performance

Installation Charges Extra


Excellent filtration system with membrane multi-layer filtration system, it can remove suspended solids over 0.5~5micron such as rust, mud, sand, sediments. Especially, due to a depth-filtration system, the filtration performance and product lifespan is incomparably

NO binder! 100% carbon utilization Since synthetic resin binders are not used, input carbon can be utilized 100% prevents carbon breakaway with CARBON BLOCK One of the problems that existing block had was carbon breaking away phenomenon due to the decrease in binding force. Since we applied M/B filter core on the inside, filters itself prevents carbon from breaking away.