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What is so special in Miracle water which is not present in normal water we are drinking?

The Normal water we drink contains Hydrogen in normal format.

But in all Healing Waters, Hydrogen is in a rare format beneficial to health called ‘Active Hydrogen’  or ‘Molecular Hydrogen’.

This is the reason behind benefits of all Miraculous Water. The perfect Miraculous water at your home is Tyent Alkaline Water.


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What is

Kangen Water?

Kangen Water ( is a fancy brand name) is a healthy water made by a device called Water Ionizer. This Water Ionizer is manufactured by Enagic & Co. in Japan. There are hundreds of brands available in the world. 10-15 of them are popular & quality devices. Enagic Kangen is just one of them. It is nothing special than others except that it is little popular because of its special way of marketing called ‘Human Based Referral Marketing’. Whenever an Enagic Kangen machine is sold anywhere in the world, 40%-50% of what you pay for your machine is distributed to the marketers.

What is healthy water?

Healthy water means water that is not only safe but it also has  Mild Alkaline, Antioxidant, Anti Inflammatory, Anti Ageing, Anti Cancer, Anti Alcoholic, Anti Obesity, better hydrating and better detoxifying properties. This healthy water improves the body’s immune system to fight against any health disorder from common Cold to critical Cancer. Your drinking water may be “SAFE” today. But it doesn’t matches “SAFE AND HEALTHY TYENT WATER

How does Water Ionizer make Healthy water?

Water Ionizer makes Healthy Water beneficial to the human in long-term through a process called Electrolysis. It is run in a state of art electrolysis chamber which contains electrodes made with quality precious metals-Titanium coated with pure Platinum on both sides. This imparts the below properties to normal water.

Molecular hydrogen has been scientifically proven to have antioxidant properties that help to remove free radicals from your body that cause premature aging of your skin.

Consuming foods rich in antioxidants may be good for your heart health and may also help to lower your risk of infections and some forms of cancer. Increase your antioxidant intake by eating more nuts, seeds, legumes, fruits, and vegetables.

 pH(Potential of Hydrogen) normal range is between 1 to 14, pH 7 is taken as neutral. Any substance or liquid with pH above 7 is called Alkaline, and pH below 7 is called acidic. Our blood pH is 7.35 to 7.45, so alkaline. So Tyent Water Ionizer gives you healthy water with the properties of alkalinity, antioxidant nature, detoxification, hydration, and Pesticide cleaning.

When water is Micro-Clustered it ensures more energy proper supply of Oxygen, Vitamins and Nutrients to vital organs with more absorption and penetration into the body cells. Micro-Clustered Water also collects impurities and wastes and flushes out resulting in highest level of detoxification.

Hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant and can counteract free radicals and therefore might help in the fight against cancer. Although hydrogen can be administered by inhalation, it is much simpler and more convenient to take into the body orally through HydrogenRich Water.

Which Alkaline Water to Choose?

The main purpose of Alkaline Water Ionizer is Healthy water. If a water Ionizer makes more Active Hydrogen at higher pH like 10-11 pH, this will not influence health benefits as we don’t drink this water. Advanced Hybrid Plate Technology enable Tyent Ionizers to make more concentration of active H2 at drinking levels. This (8.5,9,9.5 pH ) makes Tyent alkaline water healthy than from other brands.

Water Ionizer of the year – 2019

Highlights of Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizer

Complete Family Machine

It is suitable for family of all size and it can make different types of household waters like, drinking water, cleaning water, water to make coffee, tea and soups, water to cook food, strong alkaline water to soak vegetables and fruits to remove rain resistant oil fertilizer contamination and insecticides, neutral water for baby care, beauty water and strong disinfectant water with best germ killing power.

Manufactured in South Korea

Tyent Water Ionizer is manufactured by Tae Young and Engineering Technology in South Korea from the past 20 years. It is build using Permulec Electrodes from Japan.

Hybrid Plate Technology

Works on Hybrid Plate Technology  which controls electrode scaling and calcification to great extent.

Higher Active Hydrogen

Hydrogen Boost Technology gives the power to infuse high dissolved “Active Hydrogen Concentration” than conventional technology ionizer.

Optimum Power Usage

Uses Optimum power to ensure the best ionization along with industry standard pH, Orp micro-clustering. Less wattage of power ensures less burden and longer durability to the electrode.

ISO and CE Certified

Tyent Water Ionizer are tested to the highest standards and has several certification like CE , IEC, BBB, KFDA, INNOBIZ and many more.

Door Step Service & Support

Doorstep service and support for problems inside the machine during the Warranty period in very quick time with the help of pan India dealer coverage.

H-Rich Ionizer

Tyent (vs) Kangen like Plate Ionizers

01. Better Pricing

Enagic Starter model JRII with 3-Plates at Rs. 1,55,000 can suit only a single person or couple whereas the Tyent machine at Rs. 1,80,000 can cater family of any size Enagic itself recommends to opt SD-501 with 7 plates at Rs. 2,77,000 for the full family. The distribution model of Enagic Kangen and Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizer are different, not only you get at a cheaper price, you can get the best local after sales support, guidance & local service. Hence, Tyent is 30% cheaper than Kangen.

02. More hydrogen

It produces 3 times more efficient hydrogen gas at drinking levels than Kangen machine.

03. Lesser Maintenance

Tyent alkaline water Ionizer has a very less chance of scaling and calcification. Hence, you do not frequently need to manually clean your electrodes. Tyent offers better long warranty terms than Enagic Kangen. Apart from a full machine warranty, Medilight Health Care offers 15 years warranty on the electrolysis chamber. Electrolysis Chamber us the most important and expensive component in a water ionizer. Enagic has its service center and support center only in Bangalore city in India. All other outlets are handled by individual dealers who in no case can be audited or controlled by Enagic India.

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Tyent Better than Kangen?

Uses Hybrid Plate Technology.

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Our Certifications

Though people are the biggest proof of our quality and benefits, here are few of the certifications that enforces the trust of the world in us even more.

Facts about average costing

The number of persons in a household: 5 family members (2 adults & 3 kids) Estimated water intake for each person: 8 glasses of water a day The price of Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizer is INR 1,80,000 per unit.

₹ / Year/Family

₹ / Month/Family

₹ / Day/Family

₹ / Day/Person

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Why Choose Us?

Our Vision

“Our Vision is to promote a Healthier Lifestyle and protect the human population from pollution by providing a better accessibility and greater affordability. Through environmentally friendly products to everyone across India.”

5 Star Support

3 years warranty on the entire product

15 years warranty on Ionization Chamber

30 day Replacement Gurantee

Tyent Water betters your overall health


Adding more hydrogen to water increases energy improves recovery after a workout and , making regular water look like a downright underachiever.

Stress Relief

Because of the hydrogen present in the Tyent water which increases the adult neurogenesis, this may be used for improving depression and some mental disorders.

Mind & Soul

Molecular hydrogen (H2) can protect cells and tissues from oxidative damage by selectively reducing reactive oxygen species (ROS). It also reduces oxidative stress and prevents cognitive impairment associated with dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

Boosts your Skin

Bathing in hydrogen water for 3 months significantly improved wrinkles in the skin in a human study. It also helps to reduce the human skin cell damage from Ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Beauty of Body

Hydrogen water can significantly reduce the fatty liver with type 2 diabetes and obesity as well as with a high–fat-diet-induced fatty liver.

Strength Building

In an experiment with young athletes, drinking hydrogen water reduced lactic acid build-up during heavy exercise and decreased muscle fatigue.

People say the nicest things

Dr. Francisco Contreras

 MD Oncologist, Oasis of Hope Cancer Center “We at the Oasis of Hope Hospital have a Tyent USA water ionizer in our dining room for all of our patients so that they can have unlimited filtered, alkaline water.”

Steve, Alice & Alyssa Slaughter

Have played professional sports and coached professional sports and we have been singing the praises of Tyent alkaline water for about nine years…”

Rick Sr and Jennifer Mendyka

Gillette, WY

“The benefits seem endless… We are immensely grateful we learned of the Tyent ionizers, and realized that this is a priceless investment in our health.”

Ashley Edney

The Tyent machine was one of the greatest investments I have ever made.We definitely feel more hydrated, have more energy and sleep better!”

Icilda Sanford & Family

“Now my children love drinking Tyent Water™.” “I use the water to sanitize my house and it works great!”

Kristen Taylor

My skin has been so clear from drinking the ionized water and from using the Tyent beauty water as well!*”

How Do I Clarify my Doubts?

Here are a few frequently asked questions which our customers usually have. In case, your queries are not  answered here, please call us on  +91 91824 14209 (Mr. Ravi)

What is the difference between simple Alkaline Water and Tyent Alkaline Water?
Simple alkaline water is just above pH 7.0. There are no proven studies about this water in particular. The only benefit with this water is short-term relief from gastric acidity in the stomach. Tyent alkaline water is a special water drawn from special water ionizer built on advanced 11-Plates technology. The water is a combination of both alkaline (influencing 5-10% benefits) and Hydrogen Rich Nature (influencing 90% benefits) which helps in all round long-term health benefits.

What is this Ionized water?
The water ionizer is a device which works on the principle of electrolysis, which we learned it during our high school days in chemistry subject. The electrolysis is nothing but the splitting of your normal tap water into two parts the alkaline ionized water and acid ionized water which comes out through two separate outlets from the machine. This process of Ionization splits the large water molecules into very small hexagonal water molecules which can easily penetrate each body cell 20 times better than the normal tap water and RO water.

Ionized water okay, What is this Alkaline ionized water?
According to the Ph scale ( potential of hydrogen), the value lies between 1 to 14. The Ph scale tells you whether the substance is acidic or alkaline. Substance with value less than 7 is called acidic, more than 7 is an alkaline substance.

Is it safe to take alklaine ionized water?
Alkaline water consists of calcium and magnesium which are important for our body metabolism..

How does ionized water affect sports professionals?
In an extremely positive way! Numerous athletes have reported increased stamina and endurance from drinking the water because of the abundance of oxygen and a smaller cluster size of the water molecule. When professional and amateur athletes discover Ionized Water, it usually becomes one of the most established benefits to them. .

Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Water Reduces Side Effects of Cancer Treatments?
Drinking hydrogen water can improve mortality and body weight loss caused by an anti-cancer drug  and also reduces kidney toxicity.

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