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Tyent Health and Wellness Videos

5 Cooking Tips From Top Health Food Expert

Bestselling Author’s Secret to Super-Charge Your Life

Shocking Blood Analysis When Patient Drinks Alkaline Water

2 Ways to Banish Blemishes and Psoriasis…What’s Best? Alkaline or Acidic Water?

Tyent Water Ionizer’s
Hydration Benefits

Alkaline water…what is so special about it?

Dr. Gus Reveals Amazing Results…AGAIN!

Amie Valpone Proves That You Are What You Eat!

Check out this 30-year Chiropractor and why he supports Tyent!

Tyent Product Videos

DISCOVERY and Cnet’s Top Pick…
Best 11 Plate Ionizer

Got Bad Water? Advanced Water Ionizer Filtration for Well Water and Other Water Problems

Ionizer Plates

You’ve HEARD that Tyent is the BEST and you must be wondering HOW & WHY!??

Portable Water Purifier, Ionizer Pitcher – Tyent TYgo

Check out the Tyent UCE in a million-dollar lake home!

Watch how Tyent Water cleans tomatoes and makes “endless” tea!

The Cleanest Alkaline Water… Advanced Ultra Filtration for the Best Ionized Alkaline Water

Tyent Testimonial Videos

Alkaline Water and Cancer…
Tyent is the
Only Ionizer for…

Tyent Water is helping keep the ENERGYup in this family! How can it help yours too?

Is that a luxury Mercedes Airstream RVwith a built-in UCE-11!?

Tyent Sports Videos

Pro-Athlete Trainer Shows You How to Pump Up Your Performance

Fierce Lifestyle Coach Reveals Her Life-Changing Tips

Tampa Bay Rays:
Michael McKenry
Scores a Homerun with Tyent

Tom Brady’s Secret and Drew Bree’s Secret Drink – News Leak

Pro-Athletes and Serious Contenders like Rashad Evans are BOOSTING their performance with Tyent Water. Find out HOW!

Pro athletes in the NFL like Shareece Wright are BOOSTING their performance with Tyent Water. Find out HOW!

Pro-Athletes and Serious Contenders like Michael Johnson are BOOSTING their performance with Tyent Water. Find out HOW!

Fitness Experts PREFER Alkaline Water

Nate Schierholtz of the Chicago Cubsloves Tyent Water!

Tyent Water is a NECESSITY in this HOTYoga studio!

The Ribeiro Brothers, World Champions and Hall of Famers in Jiu-Jitsu, love their Tyent Water!

Kamaru Usman, the “Nigerian Nightmare, is a world-class UFC Fighter with the help of Tyent Water!

How does one get the nickname Killa? UFC Fighter, Abel Trujillo, earned the nickname. Check out this video to learn how!

Get Ripped with Tyent Alkaline Water!

Pro Golfers Rejoice!

Greg Jones – UFC Celebrity Trainer Tells All!

Tyent Celebrity Videos

Winner of America’s Next Top Model Divulges

TV Host Reveals the #1 Celebrity Beauty Secret

Tyent Water is a NECESSITY for this famous singer… RICK SPRINGFIELD! Find out WHY!

Winner of America’s Next Top Model Divulges

Fun Tyent Videos

Funny! See the Top 2 Water Ionizers Beat the Competition

When the choice is yours… Choose WISELY

Check out this HILARIOUS video about how Tyent BEATS the competition!

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